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Our company "Exotiq collection" is today the largest and most specialized, in the field of constructions and wholesales, enterprise.
A little reference to our story:

After 20 years of very successful track in the field of wood trading the company "Manos Baltasis and Co." created in 1993 its subsidiary "Gardens of Africa" , which has been active in the manufacture of African constructions, as well as the construction of roofs and gazebos in cafes, restaurants, hotels and villas.

The "Gardens of Africa" in five years was the best company in Athens that constructed wooden ecological roofs, beach umbrellas and beach bars as well as wooden houses.
The company absorbed in 1999 the affiliate company "Baltasis Bros", and in 2004, due to a very large turnover, we created the company " Argegono OE" , which became the largest company manufacturing these products.
In 2004, Archegono OE absorbed Danish Bamboo, the largest Bamboo-Rattan furniture importing company in Greece, thus becoming a dynamic player in the furniture industry.

In 2006, through the "Archegono OE." We bought a furniture factory from primitive teak wood in Java of Indonesia (city of Klaten) and so we completed the support of our clients by importing furniture and decorative items. From our factory in Indonesia we export furniture to seventeen (17) countries around the world.

In 2009 we absorbed the similar company "Exotiq - Tsaroucha Aikaterini" and since then we have been the most important, responsible and serious company in the field of Exotic Structures, Umbrellas, Handmade Furniture.

The sole concern of our company's officers is the service according to the specifications of our customers and in absolute delivery time.


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